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Dental Insurance 

Dental insurance can be tricky to understand as most insurance policy documents are many pages long. The coverage for each dental service also depends on your individual policy, which can vary greatly if your policy is individual, or one provided by your employer. Luckily, we are here to make sense of insurance policies to ensure you receive the proper treatment and that your insurance provider covers their share. We may do this by submitting the claims on your behalf, calling your insurance provider to find out more about your coverage limits, or providing you with all the paperwork so you can handle the insurance claims with ease.

It would be helpful for you to know your insurance coverage information before coming in as this will help speed along your treatment plans. Some of the questions we usually ask insurance providers include:

  • What is covered?
  • How much is covered?
  • What is the coverage limit amount?
  • Is there a deductible? (if so, how much?)
  • Can I choose other procedures not listed on the plan but are in the same category of treatment?
  • Please provide all the details regarding this specific treatment option (provide treatment option)

It is important to note that insurance carriers do not release information to third parties (including dental clinics) even if we have informed and signed consent. So, we will do our best to ensure you know your limits before any procedures and treatment plans are started. It is also important to note that regardless of the insurance coverage, we do require payment in full once the procedure is complete. We may provide financing options depending on your individual situation and any patient who is looking for assistance should speak with our clinic upon booking their next appointment.

The Importance of Proper Oral Care

One of the things we all have to do in life is take care of our health, which includes our oral health. As time goes on, there are circumstances that may cause our oral health to become impacted. This could happen due to age, lifestyle habits, or illness. Due to these circumstances, our oral health may have complications which result in the need for further dental intervention. By visiting our dental clinic on a regular basis, this allows us to better track any oral health issues that may be forming and plan a course for treatment.

Prevent and Detect Oral Disease - As your local dental clinic, our duty is to keep your mouth clean from plaque, and to check for any signs of oral distress, including cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. These sorts of oral health issues can affect everyone, no matter their age. This is why we recommend coming in for a dental check-up (also called a recall) every 4-6-months. Semi-annual check-ups allow us to keep your mouth clear from debris and to keep an eye on any oral health issues that may be forming.

Prevent Bad Breath - Medical studies indicate that 85% of patients with ongoing bad breath (halitosis) are caused by oral health issues that can be prevented. Having an oral hygiene regiment is essential in preventing bad breath which includes routine dental care.

Brighten and Whiten Your Smile - During your dental cleaning with our team, we perform a dental exam to have a better understanding of the current state of your mouth. This exam allows our team to provide you with a thorough cleaning and polish of your teeth and gums. Having your teeth cleaned every 4-6-months helps remove plaque and helps remove most coffee, tobacco, and tea stains from your teeth, which gives you a fresh and bright looking smile.

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