Your visit with us during the Covid-19 era

Your Dental Visit with us During the Covid-19 Era

When you come into our office, you will notice that there are a few things different from previous appointments. We've implemented new procedures and taken extra precautions due to COVID to protect every person who comes into our office.  

Temperature Checks


We go through the same screening procedures as patients daily.  

                                                                  Here's our temperature log sheets.

                                                                  Covid tests are recorded elsewhere.

Plastic Coverings

                                                      Disposable plastic coverings for your safety.

Hydrogen Peroxide

1.5% hydrogen peroxide rinse for 1 minute.  

External Suction

Our external suction to remove aerosols


Diane dressed in the latest Covid fashion.

                                                       Look at our photo badges if you can't tell us apart.

Face Shields

Plenty of face shields.


As you can see here, we have multiple filtration systems in place. 

How many different ones can you spot?  

Answer: 5


We installed a new communication system to communicate 

throughout the office. That means less unnecessary contact. When you

hear beeping during the appointment, it means we are "talking" to each other

After we're done with each patient, we fog the room with hypochlorous acid as seen in this short clip below.

It's actually as fun as it looks!  

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