Behind the Scenes during the COVID-19 Era


Behind the Scenes During the Covid-19 Era

Just a little look at what goes on behind the scenes of a dental practice.


Personal protective equipment  (PPE) to protect ourselves and our patients. 

We keep plenty in stock so that in times of shortage we have enough.

Hypochlorous acid and distilled water

We distill our own water for all dental treatment.  

                           We also produce our own hypochlorous acid to "fog" rooms between patients.

PPM and pH

This is our check to make sure that the hypochlorous acid is 

between 150-200ppm and a pH of 5.5 precisely as recommended.


Have you ever wondered what might be hiding inside the water pipelines?

We run solutions through the water pipelines to clean it weekly.


Statim autoclaves can sense impurities and "tell you" 

when things aren't right.They're also used to sterilize 

the instruments and tools that we use in the office


The numerous things that we check daily/weekly/monthly to ensure your safety

Behind the scenese

Hidden behind walls, this is where the magic happens 


The AirStar 30 by Air Techniques is the best compressor in the world. 

Clean, dry, compressed air throughout the office.  


The EcoVac Green Machine.  Powerful 

and environmentally friendly.


3-M Fit Test

All N95 and KN95 respirators are fit tested as required by OSHA yearly

 This is the 3m fit test kit. 

3-M Fit Test


The 3M fit test kit being used to evaluate a 3M 1860 respirator.

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